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Stratus Training Seminar Series

Stratus Training Seminars are presented in the interests of informing key stakeholders of topical issues that may have an impact on the management of food safety and quality in the context of their specific business circumstances. These seminars are presented periodically throughout the year.

For more information contact the Stratus Training Events Coordinator at or phone 1300 880 270.

Food Safety in Healthcare Settings

This is a one day seminar addressing the specific concerns related to the management of food safey in healthcare settings.

Healthcare settings include hospitals, including those whose patients are pregnant, the new born and infants, and aged care and establishments. Healthcare settings further include organisations supporting sick or elderly persons, in their homes, and facilities providing relief for malnourished populations. The same principles apply to childcare facilites.

Sporadic cases of foodborne disease in healthcare settings are far more common than outbreaks in society at large, and the same may be true for infections acquired in such establishments. Because an individual case may be the forerunner of an outbreak in a given healthcare institution, it is important to be aware of the possible sources of infection, and the means of prevention and control associated with these, before an isolated case spreads throughout an establishment.

The seminar addresses the central issues in understanding the risk profiles of some of the pathogens responsible for foodborne disease in healthcare settings, and the methods of prevention and control of these.

Some of the specific issues covered include:

  • The increased susceptibility of vulnerable individuals to foodborne disease.
  • Microorganisms of special concern in healthcare settings.
  • High risk foods and beverages in the in the context of healthcare settings and control issues specific to these.
  • Microbiological safety of thickened fluids.
  • The potential for drinking water to spread foodborne disease in healthcare settings.
  • The importance of staff training in understanding cross-contamination.

All Stratus Training Seminars are presented by food safety professionals with tertiary qualifications in food science, many years of experience in food safety and quality management, and specific expertise in the control of hazards associated with the food and beverage processing and service industries.

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